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Playing Be-Bop

Discography Information

(The recordings listed for all companies with the exception of those on the Chase Music Group label are, for the most part, out of print and can only be found in specialty record stores for collectors. They are listed here simply as a document of the Shoemake's recording history.)

Vibes Master CD


INSIDE - Former George Shearing vibist Charlie Shoemake teams up with pianist Terry Trotter (Lena Horne, Natalie Cole, Joe Pass, Chet Baker) and various bass-drums combinations that include Darek Oles, Joe LaBarbera, Luther Hughes, Paul Krebich, Tom Warrington, and Steve Schaeffer. In addition to being virtually lifelong friends, Shoemake and Trotter share an affinity for the jazz of the 1940's, 50's and early 60's; jazz grounded in the harmonic and rhythmic traditions that shaped the post-bop, modern jazz era. It has been nearly twenty-five years since these two kindred spirits collaborated on a recording project, but it becomes immediately obvious that time has only enhanced their artistry..

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quoteCD discoveries of the week. A couple of weeks ago I posted about vibist Charlie Shoemake. His most recent album is “Inside” (Chase). It’s spectacular!! Song choices include “Wow, The Scene Is Clean”, “Nica’s Tempo”.- particularly gorgeous melodies for the vibraphone. Charlie moves archly throughout the album and swings from start to finish. I also love how he lets the instrument ring just so and leaves breaks between mallet flurries. A perfect album.quote
Marc Myers, JazzWax

Vibes Master CD


SOPHISTICATED LADY - Chase Music Group. Recorded Spring/Summer 2004. Personnel: Bruce Forman-guitar, Bob Maize-bass, Andy Martin-trombone, Sam Most-flute, Luther Hughes-bass, Paul Kreibich-drums and percussion, Charlie Shoemake-piano and vibraphone. Estimated release June 2005.

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Sophisticated Lady - Chase Music Group
quoteHer rich voice and superb diction make one wish that she recorded more often. A most rewarding CD…quoteAll Music Guide

quoteSandi Shoemake is the quintessance of laid-back West Coast cool…quote - Jazz Times

quoteSandi Shoemake is one of the undersung singers of the American songbook, content to enjoy the delights of Cambria away from the L.A. jazz scene. However, Sophisticated lady provides evidence for considering her as one of the premier song stylists currently recording…quote - Jazz Improv Magazine

quoteShe applies her smooth, silky voice and rich phrasing to an elegant repertoire of swingers and ballads…quote - Downbeat Magazine

Vibes Master CD  

VIBES MASTER - Chase Music Group. Recorded February/March 2002. Personnel - Bruce Forman: Guitar, Red Holloway: Tenor Saxophone, Bob Maize, Luther Hughes: Bass, Paul Kreibich: Drums. Released January 2003.

Vibes Master - Chase Music Group
Voted One of the Top Ten Jazz Albums of 2003
by The All Music Guide.

Land's End CD  

LANDS END - Chase Music Group. Recorded April 2000. Personnel - Bruce Forman: Guitar, Bob Maize, Luther Hughes: Bass, Paul Kreibich: Drums, Charles McPherson: Alto Saxophone. Released March 2001.

Lands End - Chase Music Group
quoteFrom 1966 to 1973, Charlie Shoemake made the essential contribution to George Shearing's groups, and the requirements to swing tastefully and freshly have sustained him in his own groups here. He has a shimmering, liquid sound and his neatly balanced lines swim in it as in a natural element…quoteJay Harvey, The Indianapolis Star

quoteWest Coast players, even excellent ones like vibraphonist Charlie Shoemake, are, in terms of national recognition too often locked into a kind of geographical limbo. Because they're not based in N.Y.C - the jazz capital of the world - word about their talent doesn't travel all that well across the continent to the East Coast.

Shoemake has made a number of much respected albums, but is perhaps best known for his stint with George Shearing from 1966-1973.

With it's vital chamber jazz groove, his latest disc "Lands End" is a fine sampler of his skills as an improviser graced with an abundance of fresh ideas and a clear, crisp technique.

Throughout these small group tracks, Shoemake`s solos have a wonderful sense of architecture, thanks to his gift for thematic improvisation. More than just a resourceful soloist, he`s also first-rate at carrying on smart musical conversations with his collaborators.

Shoemake's performance shows that geographical location should be no measure of an artist`s worth. In his case, neither East nor West Coast is necessarily the Best Coast…quoteOwen McNally, The Hartford Courant

Lullaby in Rhythm CD  

LULLABY IN RHYTHM - Sandi Shoemake live at the Hamlet with Pete Christlieb, Bruce Forman, Luther Hughes, Colin Bailey, and Charlie Shoemake. Released January 2000.

Lullaby In Rhythm - Chase Music Group
quoteThe repertoire consists of 11 standards, including some neglected gems and the interpretations are mellow and thoughtful.quoteJoel Siegel, Jazz Times

Uncrowned Kings and Long Lost Things CD  

UNCROWNED KINGS AND LONG LOST THINGS - Chase Music Group. Recorded May, June 1998. Personnel -Bruce Forman: Guitar, Fred Atwood, Luther Hughes: Bass, Paul Kreibich: Drums. Released 1998.

Uncrowned Kings and Long Lost Things - Chase Music Group
quoteCharlie Shoemake's "Uncrowned Kings" are folks like tenorman Hank Mobley and trumpeter Kenny Dorham, giants to thier peers but mid-level to the general public. His "Long Lost Things" are tunes that have been forgotten or are simply obscure but deserve another airing. A bebop-bent vibes master, Shoemake is really an uncrowned king himself. On Dorham's "Minors Holiday", for example, the vibist wails a sweet song, pulling neatly crafted lines out of a seemingly inexhaustible imagination…quoteStereophile Magazine, Records to Die For - 2001

Strollin' CD  

STROLLIN' - Chase Music Group. Recorded January 1991. Personnel - Bill Holman Orchestra, Charlie Shoemake Quintet (Ron Eschete: Guitar, Billy Childs: Piano, Luther Hughes: Bass, Paul Kreibich: Drums) Sandi Shoemake: Vocals.

Slowly CD  

SLOWLY - Discovery 889. Recorded September 24, 28 1982; March 14 1983. Personnel - Tommy Flanagan: Piano, Terry Trotter: Piano, Clare Fischer: Piano, Charlie Shoemake: Piano, Sandi Shoemake: Vocals.

Slowly - Discovery 889
quoteShe is known only in the Los Angeles area but with this entry Sandi Shoemake may increase her popularity enormously. She sings 11 songs extremely well and her different accompanists (Tommy Flanagan, Terry Trotter, Clare Fischer and husband Charlie Shoemake) are all impeccable.quoteBillboard Magazine

quoteOn "Slowly" Sandi Shoemake sings 11 songs with four different pianists. No bass, no drums, just piano accompaniment. Ms. Shoemake is an accomplished singer and she negotiates some difficult material (Pensativa, Daydream, Yardbird Suite) with grace and ease. Imagine a female David Allyn and you might get what she does. Fairly straight, but oh, so right! This is best taken one tune at a time because each tune is a real gem.quoteBob Porter, Jazz Times

Stand-up Guys CD  

STAND-UP GUYS - Chase Music Group. Recorded March 7, 8 1988. Personnel - Harold Land: Tenor Saxophone, Randy Cannon: Piano, Andy Simpkins, Bob Maize: Bass, Laurance Marable, Carl Burnett: Drums, Charlie Shoemake: Vibraphone, Sandi Shoemake: Vocals.

Stand Up Guys - Chase Music Group
quoteCalifornia's Charlie Shoemake is a seasoned composer-performer-teacher whose improvising expertise is especially evident in the lucid, coherent construction of his solos. It is not uncommon to find in them, for example, a lengthy, complex phrase based on the unfolding development of a single motif. Taking advantage of an exact, precise sense of time, he also swings vigorously.quoteBob Porter, Jazz Times

Satin Nights CD  

SATIN NIGHTS - Blackhawk. Recorded September 3, 1986. Personnel - Bill Holman Orchestra, Phil Woods: Saxophone, Charlie Shoemake: Vibraphone, Sandi Shoemake: Vocals.

Collaboration CD  

COLLABORATION - Pausa 7190. Recorded January 1985. Personnel - Bill Holman Orchestra, Charlie Shoemake: Vibraphone, Sandi Shoemake: Vocals.

Incandescent CD  

INCANDESCENT - Discovery 904. Personnel - Phil Woods: Saxophone - Clarinet, Tom Harrell: Trumpet, Terry Trotter: Piano, Ray Drummond: Bass, Billy Hart: Drums, Charlie Shoemake: Vibraphone, Sandi Shoemake: Vocals.

Incandescent - Discovery DS-904
quoteVibist Shoemake, if he continues to record albums as good as this one, might very well develope into one of the most popular mainstream artists on his instrument. He plays with a clean uncluttered sound and presents unhackneyed bop-inspired ideas with a joyous quality not unlike Hampton's in the 30's.quoteJack Sohmer, Jazz Times

The Music of David Raksin CD  

THE MUSIC OF DAVID RAKSIN - Discovery 894. Recorded May 30, 1983. Personnel - Ted Nash: Saxophone-Flute, Peter Sprague: Guitar, Mike Wofford: Piano, Andy Simpkins: Bass, Dick Berk: Drums, Charlie Shoemake: Vibraphone, Sandi Shoemake: Vocals.

Crossroads CD  

CROSSROADS - Discovery 878. Recorded September 24, 1982. Personnel - Tom Harrell: Trumpet, Peter Sprague: Guitar, Tommy Flanagan: Piano, Ed Schuller: Bass, Paul Motian: Drums, Charlie Shoemake: Vibraphone.

Away from the Crowd CD  

AWAY FROM THE CROWD - Discovery 856. Recorded September 25, 1981. Personnel - Ted Nash: Saxophone - flute, Tom Harrell: Trumpet, Hank Jones: Piano, Ed Schuller: Bass, Paul Motian: Drums, Charlie Shoemake: Vibraphone, Sandi Shoemake: Vocals.

Blue Shoe CD  

BLUE SHOE - Muse 5221. Recorded July 21, 1979. Personnel - Pete Christlieb: Tenor Saxophone, Kenny Baron: Piano, Mark Helias: Bass, Ben Riley: Drums, Charlie Shoemake: Vibraphone, Sandi Shoemake: Vocals.

Blue Shoe - Muse 5221
quoteAs with Shoemake's earlier Muse release (Sunstroke Muse 5193) this is a straight ahead, no-nonsense bop date. Shoemake's vibes playing is characterized by a dry sound, coming from his almost vibratoless tone and conservative use of the sustain pedal. He obviously knows the bop vocabulary inside out.

A strong point of the album is the repertoire, which consists of mostly originals, often with unorthodox chord patters, but always with strong melodic content.quote - Per Husby, Cadence Magazine

Sunstroke CD  

SUNSTROKE - Muse 5193. Recorded August 5, 1978. Personnel - Dave Schnitter: Tenor Saxophone, Kenny Baron: Piano, Cecil Mcbee: Bass, Al Foster: Drums, Charlie Shoemake: Vibraphone.

Selected Recordings of Charlie and Sandi Shoemake
on Other Artists' Projects…

Bird Soundtrack CD  

BIRD - The film of Charlie Parkers' life contains solos by Charlie Shoemake on the soundtrack.

Bird Soundtrack  

OLD ACQUAINTANCE - Conte Candoli, Phil Woods-Pausa 7189.