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Charlie and Sandi Shoemake

In Jazz, there've only been a few great players on the vibraphone. One of the mis Charlie Shoemake. Artie Shaw

Charlie Shoemake - "Arguably the most successful teacher of jazz improvisation in Southern California history, Shoemake is also a highly charged mallet man capable of blistering solos off the metronome markings…quote - Leonard Feather [ Read Charlie Shoemake's bio… ]
"Sandi Shoemake is one of the most underrated vocalists on the contemporary scene.." - Leonard Feather, Jazz Critic [ Read Sandi Shoemake's bio… ]
The Bebop Music Store - I have often said that there are as many ways to learn to play jazz as there are jazz musicians… and that’s a lot. Having said that though there IS one way that worked for me and countless others and that is simply to study the works of the musics’ master players.
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